Friday, August 17, 2012

Sellwood Bridge Construction (Slideshow 6)

Work continued at a fast pace at the Sellwood Bridge during July and early August 2012, as shown in Slideshow 6, viewable on youtube at this link.  A significant amount of the work is focused on underground structures, necessary in supporting the piers of the temporary bridge now being built, and necessary in reducing the effects of the slow landslide at the west end of the bridge.  A couple of residential buildings were removed at the east end of the bridge.  The river piers are now all at just about at the right height to receive the parts of the old bridge which will be shifted over to create the temporary bridge.  Kudos to the work crews for withstanding the high temperatures this August - they're out there working in the sun, wearing hardhats, long pants, safety vests, heavy tool-belts, etc.!

1 comment:

  1. I hope the reconstruction of the old Sellwood Bridge is all done by now. It will be very helpful for the residents to have another road to cross to the other side. The structure seems sturdy and capable of supporting heavy trucks and vehicles. And I think the crew should be the one to get the credit for their hard work on reconstructing the bridge!

    -Carl Patten